Multiobjective Linear Programming: From the classic linear programming model to the explicit consideration of several objective functions (in Portuguese)

 JN Clímaco, CH Antunes, MJG Alves


The study of models that consider multiple and conflicting evaluation criteria is a significant and momentous research area since the reality is intrinsically multidimensional, and mono-criterion approaches are simplistic in many such situations. This book makes a bridge between the classic linear programming model with only one objective function (in which the computation of the optimal solution is intrinsically a technical issue) and models that consider explicitly more that one objective function, thus calling into question the optimality paradigm. The multiobjective linear programming model is presented as a natural extension of the mono-criterion case, which enables the comparison of the normative character of the latter with the symbiosis of the qualitative and subjective aspects inherent to the former. These characteristics have a particularly relevant role in interactive methods devoted to problems that explicitly consider multiple, incommensurable and conflicting axes of evaluation. The second part of the book presents methodological developments, and also software and applications in the areas of energy planning and telecommunications network planning, ensuing research work carried out by the authors.

This book is essentially meant for didactic purposes, and many illustrative problems are presented and solved. This book results from the authors’ conviction of the increasing importance of this topic in the teaching of operational research, as a scientific basis to support the process of making better decisions.

Contents: General information. I Linear Programming. II Multicriteria Linear Programming. III Interactive methods in Multicriteria Linear Programming. IV TOMMIX: A base for Interactive Multiobjective Linear Programming Methods. V. SOMMIX: A base of procedures based on a Control Panel.  VI. Applications. PART A. Multicriteria Decision Aid in an Energy Planning Problem. PART B. Multicriteria Decision Aid in Strategic Planning of the Modernization of Telecommunication Networks. References.

 Editor: Coimbra · Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, 2003.