Dépasser lévaluation environnementale: Procédure d'étude et insertion dans la décision globale

Jacques Pictet

Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes, Lausanne, Switzerland,

Softbound (in French), 187 pp., 1996, ISBN 2-88074-324-9

In the first part, the book presents a multicriteria decisionaid procedure aimed at coordinating the two main components of building an MCDA model and management of the MCDA process. Among other concepts, the procedure deals with the legitimization model of Landry, Banville and Oral.

The proposed procedure consists of three phases: model structurization, model exploitation, and model implementation. In the second part, the book shows how the procedure can be applied to the four main environmental assessment areas: environmental impact assessment, life-cycle assessment, eco-auditing, and regional environment assessment. It helps to improve each one on specific aspects.

The titles of the book's chapters are: