Nonlinear Multiobjective Optimization

Kaisa M. Miettinen

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, September 1998, 320 pp. ISBN 0-7923-8278-1

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Short description:

Problems with multiple objectives and criteria are generally known as multiple criteria optimization or multiple criteria decision-making (MCDM) problems. So far, these types of problems have typically been modelled and solved by means of linear programming. However, many real-life phenomena are of a nonlinear nature, which is why we need tools for nonlinear programming capable of handling several conflicting or incommensurable objectives. In this case, methods of traditional single objective optimization and linear programming are not enough; we need new ways of thinking, new concepts, and new methods nonlinear multiobjective optimization.

Nonlinear Multiobjective Optimization provides an extensive, up-to-date, self-contained and consistent survey, review of the literature and of the state of the art on nonlinear (deterministic) multiobjective optimization, its methods, its theory and its background. The intention has been to provide a consistent summary that may help in selecting an appropriate method for the problem to be solved. It is hoped the extensive bibliography (more than 700 references) will be of value to researchers.

Problems related to real-life applications often contain irregularities and nonsmoothnesses. This book contains also material about the possibilities, background, theory and methods of nondifferentiable multiobjective optimization.

Intended audience: This book is intended for both researchers and students in the areas of (applied) mathematics, engineering, economics, operations research and management science; it is meant for both professionals and practitioners in many different fields of application.

Overview of the contents: