Presentation of the French ROADEF working group on Multiple Objective Mathematical Programming (PM2O)


Xavier Gandibleux



Vincent T'KINDT


The french work group on Multiple Objective Mathematical Programming (PM2O) is an official work group of the French Society on Operations Research and Decision Aid (ROADEF). The creation of this work group dates back to January 2000 and it aims to bring together the french speaking community interested in the optimization of conflictual criteria, the operations research and decision making. Therefore, theoretical as well as practical issues are considered by the group.

Among the theoretical issues of interest, we can quote methods for vector optimization, performance evaluation of multiple objective
algorithms, complexity of multiple objective optimization problems, and general frameworks for solving these problems. We consider not only these topics as academic ones but also within application fields as scheduling, workshop layout, graph theory, assignment problems, etc.

One of the aim of the PM2O work group is to be open to every person interested  in sharing information on the topics of the group and making the everyday life of the group easier. Thus,  young as well as confirmed researchers of the field can come in the meeting to exchange ideas, problems and eventually provide answers. The talks and discussions are in French and in English (when non french speaking people attend to the meeting).

The members of the PM2O work group meet twice a year in different places of France or even french speaking countries - The first meeting held in Valenciennes (September 1999), the second one in Tours (November 2000). All is done in order to have fruitful exchanges.  After each meeting, a booklet containing the talks is edited and distributed to participants.

To know more about the PM2O work group, please don't hesitate to visit our web site ( or to send an email to the new
coordinator of the groupe Clarisse Dhaenens (

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