Malaga Group of Multicriteria Analysis


Rafael Caballero

This research group was founded in 1991, within the Department of Applied Economics (Mathematics) of the School of Economics and Business of the University of Malaga (Spain). Nowadays, it is formed by doctors in Mathematics and in Economy, as well as by PhD students.


General Research Lines.

The group works in several lines within the frames of Multiobjective Programming, Goal Programming and Interactive Methods, specially with continuous problems.

We have carried out our research activity in static and dynamic problems, both linear and non linear. During these years we have been working in their theoretical and computational aspects, as well as their application to different topics within the frame of the Economy.

Since its birth, the group has been actively participating in both national and international societies and events related to MCDM. At the national level, we are members of the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research (SEIO). We also are part of the Spanish Group of Multicriteria Analysis, which was born inside the SEIO society in 1997. Besides, our group was among the founders of the thematic network on Multicriteria Decision Making, which has nowadays members of 14 Spanish universities.

At the international level, we are members of the MCDM Society, and we have participated in many MCDM, MOPGP and IFORS conferences. Our group organized and hosted the second MOPGP Conference, held in Torremolinos in 1996.

Finally, we would like to point out that our group considers that the relations with researchers of other universities is highly desirable and profitable. Apart from the close relations with our Spanish colleagues, we are proud to have received in our Department the visits of many prestigious researchers. With most of them, we have produced joint works, or we are presently working together.


Main Interest Research Topics of the group.


Members of the group.

Rafael Caballero, José Manuel Cabello, Teodoro Galache, Trinidad Gómez, Mercedes González, Mónica Hernández, Mariano Luque, Francisca Miguel, Julián Molina, María del Mar Muñoz, Lourdes Rey, Beatriz Rodríguez, Rafael Rodríguez, Francisco Ruiz, Ángel Torrico


Most relevant publications of the last years.

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