Planning with Multiple Criteria: Investigation, Communication and Choice (2nd edition)

Peter Bogetoft and Peter Pruzan

Copenhagen Business School Press, Copenhagen, Hardbound (in English), 368 pp., ISBN 87-16-13386-2, 1997

The book provides a practical perspective on how to tackle complex planning problems characterized by multiple criteria or measures of performance. The book is intended for all who are interested in the theory and practice of planning, be it economic planning, strategic planning, town planning, ecological planning, energy planning, or just planning itself as purposeful activity in social systems. It introduces basic notions about how and why we plan, both as individuals and within the context of an organization. In particular, it provides guidelines no how to choose between alternatives actions so as to obtain the best balance among the multiple criteria selected to represent our objectives. In so doing, the book develops an operational framework for planning which integrates the concepts of values, objectives, criteria, preferences, decisions, and conflicts.

The titles of the book's chapters are: