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25th Mini-EURO Conference

Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making (URPDM 2010)

Coimbra - Portugal                           15-17 April 2010


Scope and objectives



Guidelines for authors


Important dates




6th Decision Deck Workshop


(1-page summary in PDF available)

All events in the Mathematics Department unless noted otherwise.


Wednesday, April 14

15h00-18h00: Secretariat open for documentation at the Department of Mathematics

Decision Deck Workshop - Day 1 (Note: Room Keynes, Faculty of Economics)


Thursday, April 15

09h00:  Secretariat open for documentation

9h30-10h30: Plenary Session I - Chair: Rios Insua [Room 2]

Thomas Nielsen - Decision graphs: representation languages and solution algorithms

11h00-12h30: Parallel Sessions I

Heuristics - Chair: Liefooghe [Room 1]

·         Liefooghe, Jourdan, Talbi - Indicator-based approaches for multiobjective optimization in uncertain environments: An application to multiobjective scheduling with stochastic processing times

·         Chorbev, Joksimoski, Mihajlov - SA Tabu Miner - A Hybrid Heuristic Algorithm For Rule Induction

·         Motta, Ochi, Nogueira - Improving performance of algorithms for the covering tour problem by applying reduction rules

Decision Analysis - Chair: Kailiponi [Room 2]

·         Kailiponi, Shaw - Analysis of Operational Plans for Precautionary Evacuation using Decision Analysis

·         Tolpin, Shimony - Rational Value of Information Estimation for Measurement Selection

·         Znidarsic, Bohanec - Handling uncertainty in DEX methodology

MCDA Methodologies - Chair: Bisdorff [Room 3]

·         Bisdorff - On a bipolar foundation of the outranking concept

·         Yatsalo, Gritsyuk, Tkachuk, Mirzeabasov - Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis: ProMAA Approach

·         Skulimowski - Anticipatory Network Models of Multicriteria Decision-Making Process

12h30-14h00: Lunch

14h00-16h00: Parallel Sessions II

Fuzzy - Chair: John [Room 1]

·         Perera, Carvalho, Soares - Smooth transition between fuzzy regions to overcome failures in fuzzy membership functions of decisions in collision avoidance of ocean navigation

·         Fonte, Gonçalves, Caetano - Assessing the uncertainty of land cover area estimates with the information about the classification uncertainty

·         John, Hamrawi - Type-2 Fuzzy Logic: Modelling Uncertainty in Decision Making and Computing with Words

·         Wibowo, Deng - A Fuzzy Screening System for Effectively Solving Maritime Shipping Problem

Applications: Portfolio optimisation - Chair: Lourenço [Room 2]

·         Olson, Wu - Portfolio Optimization with Conditional Value-at-Risk and Chance Constraints

·         Lourenco, BanaeCosta - An example of portfolio robustness evaluation with PROBE

·         Khalili-Damghani, Sadi-Nezhad, Hosseinzadeh-Lotfi, Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Yaghoobi - A Decision Support System for Project Selection in Fuzzy Environment

·         Cesari, Adda - Ordinal utility and the market prices of semi-moments

 Decision Deck:  methodological contributions - Chair: Mousseau [Room 3]

·         Metchebon, Mousseau, Zheng - Computing Robust Assignments for the Electre Tri Optimistic Rule

·         Rocha, Dias - Multicriteria classification of workgroups with categories unknown a priori: a clustering-sorting approach

·         Metchebon, Pirlot - Comparing decisional maps

·         Pirlot, Schmitz, Meyer - An empirical comparison of the expressiveness of the additive value function and the Choquet integral models for representing rankings

 16h30-18h00: Parallel Sessions III

Multiobjective optimisation I - Chair: Greco [Room 2]

·         Greco, Matarazzo, Slowinski - DARWIN-PCT: Dominance-based rough set Approach to handling Robust Winning solutions in IN teractive multiobjective optimization using Pairwise Comparison Tables

·         Zilinskas - Uncertainty and rational decisions in `black box’ multiobjective optimization

·         Eskelinen, Ruuska, Miettinen, Wiecek, Mustajoki - A Scenario-Based Interactive Multiobjective Optimization Method for Decision Making under Uncertainty

Decision Deck: software developments - Chair: Tervonen [Room 3]

·         Bigaret, Meyer - diviz: an MCDA workflow design, execution and sharing tool

·         Cailloux - ELECTRE and PROMETHEE MCDA methods as reusable software components

·         Tervonen - JSMAA: an open source software for SMAA computations


Friday, April 16

09h00-11h00: Parallel Sessions IV

Robustness and probabilities - Chair:  Slowinski [Room 1]

·         Ben-Haim - When is (Non-Probabilistic) Robustness A Good (Probabilistic) Bet? An Info-Gap Approach

·         García, Marín, Mesa, Perea, Verastegui - Computational considerations about Probability-Robustness

·         Pizarro, Escudero, Alonso-Ayuso, Agustín - A stochastic model for air traffic flow decision making with rerouting under uncertainty

·         Ayuso, Escudero, Pizarro - Main elements of a stochastic framework for robust decision making under uncertainty

Scheduling I - Chair: Geiger [Room 2]

·         Briand, Lehaux - A fair multi-agent job shop scheduling problem

·         Geiger - On the comparison of plans: Proposition of an instability measure for dynamic machine scheduling

·         Grzechca - Structure’s Uncertainty of Two-sided Assembly Line Balancing Problem

·         Gurevsky, Guschinskaya, Dolgui - Assembly line balancing problems under uncertainties

Intervals in MOLP, MAUT, and DEA  - Chair: Dias [Room 3]

·         Gouveia, Dias, Antunes - Assessing robustness in additive DEA with interval measurements

·         Mateos, Jimenez, Moreno, Aguayo - Dominance Measuring Approach using Stochastic Weights

·         Hladik - On necessarily efficient solutions in interval multiobjective linear programming

11h30-12h30: Plenary Session II - Chair: Antunes [Room 2]

Thierry Marchant - Decision under complete uncertainty: motivations, models, axioms and experiments

12h30-14h00: Lunch

14h00-16h00: Parallel Sessions V

MCDA Applications - Chair: Benamor [Room 1]

·         Moinelo, Efremov, Galbiati, Coscera, Ghiang - Robust multicriteria wastewater treatment selection - a case study

·         Yatsalo, Gritsyuk, Didenko, Vasilevskaya, Mirzeabasov, Babutski - Land-Use Planning and Risk Management with the Use of Web-based Multi-Criteria Spatial Decision Support System DECERNS

·         Jensen - Importance of criteria weights in composite appraisal of transport projects – a robustness analysis

·         Benamor, Martel, Guitouni - A multicriteria risk measure in a military context

Scheduling II - Chair: Moratori [Room 2]

·         Gonzalez, Torres, Framinan - Effect of variability on flow-shop scheduling

·         Yang - Predictive-reactive scheduling for new product development projects with uncertain tasks

·         Moratori, Petrovic, Rodriguez - Hybridisation of fuzzy robust scheduling with match-up approaches

·         Aloulou, Haouari, Mansour - A slack re-distribution model for generating robust airline schedules

Applications: Confronting Uncertainty in LCA - Chair: Freire [Room 3]

·         André,  Lopes - On the Use of Possibility Theory in Uncertainty Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment

·         Malça, Freire - A comprehensive framework for incorporating uncertainty in the LCA of biodiesel

·         Castanheira, Freire - GHG Emissions Assessment of Palm Oil: uncertainty and scenario analysis for increased production

·         Dias,  Arroja,  Capela - Uncertainty in the carbon footprint of eucalypt wood

16h30-18h00: Parallel Sessions VI

Multiobjective optimisation II - Chair:  Wierzbicki [Room 1]

·         Efremov, Lotov - Planning with Uncertain Feasible Decision Sets Supported by Pareto Frontier Visualization

·         Wierzbicki, Makowski - Robustness of Model-Based Decisions: Fundamental Considerations

·         Silva, Craveirinha, Clímaco - Stochastic Hierarchical Multiobjective Routing Model in MPLS Networks with Two Service Classes – a robustness analysis experiment

Applications: Energy - Chair: Matos [Room 2]

·         Lourenço, Santos - Short-term load forecasting using a Gaussian Process Model - The influence of a derivative term in the input regressor

·         Bessa, Matos - Dealing with Wind Power Forecast Uncertainty

·         Kligerman, Ribeiro - A bi-criteria decision support system for the Brazilian hydrothermal operation planning

Scenarios in multi-criteria decision models - Chair: French [Room 3]

·         Stewart, French, Rios - Scenario-Based Multi-criteria Decision Analysis

·         Mihelic, Robic - Scenario elimination in flexible-attribute problem

·         Comes, Hiete, Schultmann - A decision support system for multi-criteria decision problems under severe uncertainty in longer-term emergency management

18h00 COST Action Algorithmic Decsion Theory - Meeting of the Management Committee [Room 3]

20h00: Dinner: Restaurant Giuseppe & Joaquim


Saturday, April 17

09h30-11h00: Parallel Sessions VII

Applications: Multiobjective / DEA - Chair: Wegener [Room 1]

·         Yaghoobi, Hosseinzadeh, Aryanezhad - Benchmark forecasting for an Iranian commercial bank (Application of DEA)

·         Kiombo, Cano, Rios Insua - Multiobjective management of the Kwanza river

·         Wegener, Franke, Kirschke - Uncertainty in interactive multiobjective programming for public policy resource allocation

Robustness analysis: concepts - Chair: Ogryczak [Room 2]

·         Rosenhead - Robustness and Strategic Flexibility

·         Ogryczak - Tail Mean and Related Robust Solution Concepts

·         Kim, Noh - Model similarity and robustness of classification under the assumption of positive association

Applications:  Stochastic approaches - Chair: Rajala [Room 3]

·         Tomberlin - Managing multi-stock fisheries with both observation and process uncertainty

·         Mestre, Oliveira, Póvoa - Hospital network planning under uncertain demand

·         Rajala, Lintunen, Ritala - Uncertainty and Flexibility in Process Lifecycle Optimization

11h30-13h00: Parallel Sessions VIII

Cross-cutting issues - Chair: Walker [Room 1]

·         Haan, Kwakkel - Uncertainty Framed

·         Kwakkel, Walker, Marchau - From Predictive Modeling to Exploratory Modeling: How to use Non- Predictive Models for Decisionmaking under Deep Uncertainty

·         Stevenson, Tappenden, Pilgrim - A position paper on the evaluation of uncertainty in the field of health economic evaluation

Robustness analysis:  optimisation - Chair: Carrizosa [Room 2]

·         Laumanns, Zenklusen, Schüpbach, Hendriks, Lefeber, Udding - Robust Adaptive Resource Allocation in Container Terminals

·         Naseraldin, Milner, Baron  - Facility Location: A Robust Optimization Approach

·         Bello, Blanquero, Carrizosa - On minimax-regret Huff location models

Group decision and negotiation - Chair: Marmol [Room 3]

·         Hinojosa, Sanchez, Marmol - Leximin Rules for Bankrupcy Problems under Uncertainty

·         Greco, Kadzinski, Slowinski - The most representative value function for robust ordinal regression in group decision problems

·         Sarabando, Dias - Comparison of different rules to mediate negotiations with incomplete information

13h00-14h00: Lunch

14h00: Visit to the historical buildings of the University and other  monuments in Coimbra