Links related with Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy


Fraunhofer Institute for Information and Data Processing Department of Process Control

ERG - Energy Research Group - University College Dublin

DSM - The International Energy Agency Demand-Side Management Programme


CBS - Center for Building Science - Energy & Environment Division Software

IAEEL - International Association for Energy-Efficient Lighting

THERMIE Programme - European Commission

LGE - Laboratório de Gestão de Energia


BRE - Constructing the Future

U.S. Department of Eenergy

ECN -Netherlands Energy Research Foundation

California Energy Commission General Information

EPRI - Residential Business Area

EREN - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme

IPSEP - International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths

NUTEK - Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development

Iris Communciations, Inc.

CIPI - Center for the Industrial Application of Electric Power and Instrumentation

The Lighting Resource - Lighting Links

WEEA - World Energy Efficiency Association

Some Search Engines about "Energy Efficiency"


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