Project Dissemination

Dissemination activities have been conducted in different forms. In Germany, Spain and Portugal seminars have been held that will be referred in more detail below. In Italy a poster session has been organised during a international conference. In general, this web page has been elaborated and contains the main project results for permanent wide dissemination.

The various initiatives will now be referred country by country.

Italy - Rome

A poster session has been organised at the Department of Electrical Engineering - Faculty of Engineering - Universitá di Roma "La Sapienza", where took place the 4th Congress on Energy, Environment and Technological Innovation, between 14 and 19 September, 1999. The effect of dissemination has thus benn very positive because the Congress audience was numerous and from several geographic origins. There have been posters produced by the various project partners, according to a framework that has been defined within the consortium. Some pictures follow, that illustrate the aspect of the posters as they stood during the congress, in the cloister of the aforementioned Department.

During the Congress, also a presentation has been made, related to the load research campaign that had been organised in the preceding year in Coimbra, in the framework of the SAVE project, which included the main conclusions and lessons learned from the campaign in terms of urban load behaviour and characteristics. Also the load modelling approaches explored in the context of the project have been publicly presented by various partners.

Portugal - Coimbra

A seminar has been jointly organised by CENEL and INESC Coimbra on the 28th December, 1999, chaired by one of the company's administrators. The speakers have been from INESC and CENEL, focussing three main themes: load research and characterisation in Coimbra, methodology of urban energy planning and the different contributions from the various project partners for the pilot case-study of Coimbra's Alegria substation. Each presentation has been followed by discussion with the audience, which has been the source of several useful suggestions both for the elaboration of this report and for future utility's orientations as regards to demand management. The audience had a total of 21 persons, most of them engineers and technical staff and also a few researchers from two different higher education institutions. The leaflet used to advertise the seminar is in an annex to this report. Some pictures of the event follow.

Germany - Dresden

In November, 22, 1999, a seminar took place in Dresden, under the designation "Energy Related Services for the supply region in Dresden". It has been organised by the German project partner, FhG IITB, based on the results of the pilot PLC applications and of the SAVE project. The management and some interested engineers of Dresden utility DREWAG participated in this seminar.

Spain - Valencia, Murcia

The two Spanish universities that have been partners to the consortium have jointly organised a seminar, hosted in the recent University of Cartagena, in a city not far from Murcia with which university it has strong connections. It has been a public initiative that lasted for a whole day chaired by the Rector, with four invited speakers. There has been discussion with the audience in both periods - morning and afternoon. The themes of the presentations, which may be seen in an annex to this report in detail (in Spanish), included a presentation of the SAVE project and considerations on demand-side and supply management, the experience of Iberdrola, a Spanish electric utility, in the domain of DSM, electric load modelling and efficient use of energy in water heating and HVAC loads.


Person in charge of the project:
Professor A. Gomes Martins

Created by
José Gonçalves