Energy Savings by CHCP Plants in the Hotel Sector

Research co-ordinator

┼F-Energikonsult Stockholm AB
Fleminggatan 7
104 20, Stockholm, Sweden
Tel:+46 8 657 12 50
Fax:+46 8 653 31 93
Person in charge:
Elisabeth Ekener Petersen

The project co-ordinator ┼F-Energikonsult Stockholm AB has extensive experience in studies and design of energy and environmental related installations in industry, housing sector and for utility companies.

The company is a subsidiary of the ┼F-Group (AB ┼ngpannef÷reningen), the leading Swedish consulting firm within the field of energy and industry. The ┼F-Group is a group of professional consulting engineering companies. The group is owned by the non-profit Swedish Steam User's Association (┼ngpannef÷reningen), and the personnel, and has no financial relationship with construction firms, equipment suppliers or other outside commercial interests. The ┼F-Group has been in business for 103 years, founded in 1895. Today the ┼F-Group consist of 19 consulting firms with a total of 1800 employees.

┼F-Energikonsult Stockholm AB have worked as project co-ordinator in both national and international projects. It has been many different projects regarding renewable energy technologies, energy conservation, cogeneration, energy management, environmental management, environmental impacts etc. In the project Energy savings in textile industry (XVII/4.1031/SA/102/96/SWE) European Union programme SAVE II, together with the same firms as in this application.

This company has broad experience in promoting energy audits, energy management systems, energy efficiency design, environmental management, environmental audits etc to the industry, housing sector and utility companies.

In Energy Efficiency Studies in Poland, ┼F-Energikonsult has performed energy efficiency activities for small and medium sized industries in Poland based on Swedish experience. This has been performed as education, workshops and several seminars were organised. The experience gained from this project and similar projects in Sweden will assist in dissemination of the result in the proposed project.


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