Energy Savings by CHCP Plants in the Hotel Sector

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Universita Degli Studi di Palermo,
Dipartimento di Energetica
Vialle delle Scienze
ITALY, 90 128, Palermo
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Person in charge:
Professor Ing. Ennio Cardona

DEAF- Department of Energy and Applied Physics was founded in 1975 by the staff of the Institutes of Applied Physics and Theoretical Physics of the Engineering Faculty of the Univer-sity of Palermo. The DEAF is interested both in research and teaching, involving in this activities more than 80 researchers and many hundred of students for Muster and PhD degree. DEAF co-operate with all the Italian scientific institutions and has also a considerable number of relationship with international institutions. For this reason DEAF, as University has the capability to carry out this kind of research, in co-operation with an international team. Many other experience carried out in different field demonstrate this capability.

DEAF has broad experience in dissemination of results of research, due to the institutional role of an University Department. DEAF co-operated with National Council of Research for the Progetto Finalizzato Energetica Phase 1 and Phase 2 during ten years. One of the items of this project was the dissemination of the results to improve the conscious energy use. Many other methods for disseminating energy saving methodology are frequently used by the Department Staff.


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