Energy Savings by CHCP Plants in the Hotel Sector

Research partner

Alteren Inc.
Kassandrou 37a
GREECE, 546 33, Thessaloniki
Tel:+30 31 282 528
Fax:+30 31 283 725
Person in charge:
Mr. Anastasios Christoforides

Alteren Inc. is mainly an energy consulting firm experienced to energy technologies and R.U.E. for SMEs and buildings. It is working in the field of R.U.E., renewable energy technologies, energy conservation and energy management systems since 1992. The company was founded at Thessaloniki - Greece in 1992, by engineers experienced in alternative energy methods and systems such as the energy conservation in industry and buildings, the application of renewable energy sources, the reduction of environmental impacts of the technology and the advance of new technologies at industry, agriculture and residence.

Alteren Inc. has broad experience in promotion and dissemination of knowledge and technical support tools in the field of energy and environmental management systems. As in indication, alteren had undertaken two pilot projects for promotion of eco-management and audit scheme in Northern Greece in association with the Association of Industries of Northern Greece and Halkidiki Hotels Association. In the framework of these projects, supported by DG XI, workshops and several seminars were organised and specific editions (Newsletters, guides) were published. The experience gained by this similar action will assist in the dissemination of results of the present project.

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