Energy Savings by CHCP Plants in the Hotel Sector

Notes about energy consumption in Hotels

Energy consumption in hotel accounts for between 3% and 6% of total running costs, so there is to gain from measures given a suitable relation between the comfort and energy consumption of energy.

Energy conservation in the hotels would cut costs, thereby enhancing the competition of the European tourism.
As the major part of the used energy is produced by gas, coal and petroleum products reducing the energy consumption would also contribute to decreasing the CO2 emissions.

In hotels the main energy consuming systems are:

Then, both electricity and low temperature thermal energy are involved and small CHP units can bee used.

The decision to proceed with a cogeneration project is basically an investment decision. Like any other investment, cogeneration plants involve the expenditure of capital to gain additional assets. These assets are expected to provide a predetermined minimum attractive rate of return. Investment decisions are influenced by both present and future costs

Nevertheless, for medium-sized or large and not seasonal hotel the pay-back period seems to be around three years.

In general terms, the potential benefits of hotel cogeneration include: