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19th Mini-EURO Conference

Operation Research Models and Methods in the Energy Sector

(ORMMES 2006)

Coimbra - Portugal                6, 7, 8 September 2006


Scope and objectives



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Scope and objectives 

Mini EURO Conferences are specialized conferences allowing specialists of a particular promising OR theme of research to participate in a meeting where the screening of papers can be more effective and participation in the debates can be more lively than at larger meetings. 

Since the early days of Operational Research, the application of the models and methods of OR has revealed a very effective contribution to the successful resolution of several problems in the energy sector. Moreover, a cross-fertilization has occurred in the sense that the challenging diversity and complexity of the problems arising in the energy sector have fostered new methodological developments to tackle them in innovative ways that sometimes could be replicated in or adapted to other fields of application.

The energy sector is currently undergoing important changes. Namely, the shift towards the liberalization of the energy markets, although in each case assuming distinctive features, brings up new challenges which can be tackled in a creative manner by models and algorithms existing in the toolbag of OR. Moreover, decisions of distinct nature (policy, planning and management) to be made by different entities (utilities, regulatory bodies and governments) must take into account several conflicting objectives such as technical, socio-economic, environmental, etc. at various levels of decision making (ranging from the operational to the strategic).

This diversity of problems arising in the energy sector and the corresponding diversity of perspectives to tackle them result in a vast and rich set of approaches and developments, which constitute a relevant value-added for researchers and practitioners confronted with those problems.

This Mini EURO Conference is aimed at providing an open forum in which researchers and practitioners can discuss and share their experience regarding the application of OR models and methods to tackle in a creative and effective manner the challenging problems arising in the energy sector.

As far as areas of application are concerned, original contributions in the following topics (but not limited to) are welcome: Power systems planning (power generation expansion planning, network planning, equipment location, spatial planning, reliability); Power systems operation (unit commitment, generation dispatch, network reconfiguration management, remote load control, reliability); Environmental issues (interactions between energy and the environment, dispersed and large-scale generation, integration of renewables, global warming abatement); Deregulation and liberalization (energy and power pricing, network services pricing, coordination with energy efficiency and environmental policies, network congestion prevention and management, energy and power purchase strategies, competition); Energy policies (security of supply, market transformation and energy efficiency, interactions between the energy sector and the whole economy, demand-side management); Local and regional planning (urban energy planning, load forecasting, interactions with land use planning); Technical issues (protection, voltage stability, reactive power, transmission losses).

From a methodological perspective approaches are expected from a broad spectrum of OR models and methods, such as single and multiple objective mathematical programming, decision and risk analysis, meta-heuristics and evolutionary programming, game theory, simulation, data envelopment analysis, etc.