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19th Mini-EURO Conference

Operation Research Models and Methods in the Energy Sector

(ORMMES 2006)

Coimbra - Portugal                6, 7, 8 September 2006


Scope and objectives



Guidelines for authors


Important dates




Final Program (pdf)

Wednesday, September 6

9h00 – 11h00      Registration

11h00 – 11h45    Opening session

11h45 – 12h45    Plenary – Derek Bunn (London Business School) - Model-based insights into energy market evolution

 12h45 – 14h30      Lunch

 14h30 – 16h00      Parallel sessions:

W1A – Gas  [Chair: S. Veyrat]

·        Adam, S., F. Bonnans, R. Paraisy, S. Veyrat - Application of convex lexicographical optimization to the balance of GRTgaz gas grid

·        Andre, J., F. Bonnans, L. Cornibert - Planning reinforcement of gas transportation networks with optimization methods

·         van Benthem, M. - Using simulation to analyze the security of gas supply

W1B – Efficiency Assessment  [Chair: R. Madlener]

·         Sarica, K., G. Kumbaroglu - Efficiency assessment of Turkish power plants using DEA

·         Madlener, R., C.H. Antunes, L. Dias - Multi-criteria versus data envelopment analysis for assessing the performance of biogas plants

·         Soloveitchik, D., M. Olshansky - Prediction and comparison of energy-environmental and macroeconomic indicators in decision-making process in energy planning

16h00 – 16h30 Coffee break

16h30 – 18h30  Parallel sessions:

W2A – Energy Economics [Chair: A. Tishler]

·         Tishler, A., I. Milstein, C.K. Woo - Endogenous capacity and price volatility in a competitive electricity market

·         Oliveira, F - The value of information in electricity investment games

·         Toczyłowski, E., I. Zółtowska - Social welfare distribution in a multiperiod auction on a pool-based electricity market

·         Pflug, G., N. Broussev - Electricity swing options: behavioral models and pricing 

W2B – Forecasting  [Chair: R. Souza]

·         Coelho, R., A.J. Rodrigues - Load forecasting based on fuzzy clustering

·         Santos,, P.J., A.G. Martins, A. Pires - Next hour load forecast in medium voltage electricity distribution

·         Martins, P.M., J.M. Boucinha - Electricity demand forecasting in Portugal; Souza, R., M. Barros, C. Miranda - Short term load forecasting using exponential smoothing

 Thursday, September 7

9h15 – 11h15                Parallel sessions:

T1A – Transmission-Level, Power Grid Modeling for Security, Assurance and Operations  [Session organizers: A.S. Loebl, L.M. Hively, D.S. Hartley; Chair: A. Loebl]

·         Loebl, A.S. - Transmission-level, power grid modeling for security, assurance and operations

·         Wang, L., M. Mazumdar - An analysis of LMP probability distribution using a system model

·         Nutaro, J., L. Miller, P. Kuruganti, M. Shankar - Integrated modeling of the electric grid, communications, and control

·         Horovitz, M. - A virtual hub for validation of procedures, data and models of electrical power networks

T1B – Distributed generation  [Chair: A. Siddiqui]

·         Chinese, D., M. Biral - To centralize or to decentralize? An optimization models supporting the design of distributed cogeneration, district heating and cooling systems

·         Leão, M.T.P., P. Jesús - Long term investment pricing for the remuneration of distribution networks with distributed generation

·         Siddiqui, A., C. Marnay  - Distributed generation investment by a microgrid under uncertainty

11h15 – 11h45  Coffee break

11h45 – 12h45  Plenary – Lorna Greening (Los Alamos, USA) - Energy/environmental      interactions: an economist’s perspective

12h45 – 14h30  Lunch

14h30 – 16h00  Parallel sessions:

T2A – Unit commitment  [Chair: M. Matos]

·         Frangioni, A., C. Gentile, F. Lacalandra - New Lagrangian heuristics for ramp-constrained unit commitment problems

·         Pereira, J., A. Viana, B.G. Lucus, M. Matos - Constrained unit commitment and dispatch optimization

·         Kaleta, M., E. Toczyłowski - Restriction techniques for unit commitment problem with total procurement costs

T2B – Emission trading  [Chair: F. Oliveira]

·         Damas, M., J. Santos, H. Azevedo, F. Parada, M.N. Tavares - The CO2 emissions trading and the thermal system management

·         Oliveira, F., J. Pereira, J. T. Saraiva, R. Sousa - Modelling the impact of emissions trading on the Iberian electricity market

·         Soloveitchik, D., M. Olshansky - Environmental emission constraints in electric power system expansion analysis - WASP-IV case study

16h00 – 16h30 Coffee break

16h30 – 18h30  Parallel sessions:

T3A – Optimization 1  [Chair: S. Gabriel]

·         Andrieu, L., J.Ph. Argaud, V. Grellier - Stochastic optimization with risk constraint: applications to electricity portfolios

·         Sagastizábal, C. - Solving 0-1 two stage stochastic programming problems with a dynamic Benders' method

·         Gabriel, S.A., J. Zhuang - Scenario reduction as applied to stochastic complementarity problems in energy

·         Tehrani, A., C. Michelot - A contribution to the linear programming approach to joint cost allocation: a refinery example

T3B – Risk, uncertainty and simulation  [Chair: P. Kunsch]

·         Mavrotas, G., K .Florios, P. Georgiou, D. Diakoulaki - A MOMILP model for hospitals energy rehabilitation handling uncertainty in load profiles

·         Wickart, M., R. Madlener - Risk and uncertainty in industrial large-scale co-generation investment

·         Ben Maalla, E.M., P. Kunsch - Simulation of micro-CHP diffusion by means of System Dynamics

·         van der Lei, T., J. Slinger - The system diagram as a diagnostic aid for quantitative method choice

20h30      Conference dinner


 Friday, September 8

9h00 – 11h00                Parallel sessions:

F1A – Energy markets 1  [Chair: L. Escudero]

·         Silva, P.P., I. Soares - Spot prices and industry structure: assessing electricity market integration

·         Reneses, J., E. Centeno, N. Mosquera - Impact of the Kyoto Protocol on the Iberian electricity market: a scenario analysis of phase 1: 2005-2007

·         Alonso-Ayuso, A., P. Cristobal, L.F.  Escudero, M.T. Ortuño, C. Pizarro – A model for structuring bilateral energy contract portfolios in competitive markets

·         Gupta, H., A. Garcia - Learning Cournot-Nash equilibrium in transmission-constrained electricity markets

F1B – Renewables  [Chair: D. Diakoulaki]

·         Bruglieri, M., L. Liberti – Modelling the optimal design of a biomass-based energy production process

·         Bazart, C., C. Chaton, M.L. Guillerminet - Optimal design of electricity generation industry under deregulation and support to renewable energies

·         Kutuk, E., U. Terzi, Z. Aladag - Energy planning in Marmara Island by fuzzy linear programming using renewable energy sources

·         Diakoulaki, D., C. Tourkolias, P. Georgiou - Treatment of uncertainty in the assessment of investment opportunities on wind energy in the framework of the Clean Development Mechanism

F1C – Multiple criteria approaches  [Chair: E. Georgopoulou]

·         Løken, E., A. Botterud, A. Holen - Use of equivalent attributes in multicriteria planning of local energy systems

·         Mavrotas, G. , E. Georgopoulou, S. Mirasgendis, Y. Sarafidis, D. Lalas, V. Hontou - Evaluation and selection of Best Available Techniques (BAT) for the industries in greater Athens area using multiobjective combinatorial optimization

·         Doukas, H., A. Papadopoulou, K. Patlitzianas, J. Psarras - Sustainable energy options through a linguistic multiple criteria approach

·         Bana e Costa, C., J. Lourenço, J. Bana e Costa - Building MACBETH value-function models for bid evaluation at the Portuguese electric transmission company (REN)

11h00 – 11h30  Coffee break

11h30 – 13h00  Parallel sessions:  

F2A – Energy markets 2  [Chair: P. Pereira da Silva]

·         Thorncraft, S.R., H.R. Outhred, D.J. Clements - Evaluation of open-source LP optimization codes in solving electricity spot market optimization problems

·         Gomes, B.A, J.T. Saraiva - Market and system operator simulator integrating complex bids and network constraints using simulated annealing

·         Gomes, M.H., J.T. Saraiva - An active / reactive power market dispatch model including soft constraints

F2B - Energy systems  [Chair: T. Bruckner]

·         Clímaco, J., J. Craveirinha, C.H. Antunes - Note on the role of strategic power planning in a deregulated environment

·         Bruckner, T., J. Heise, R. Morrison - Advanced integrated energy systems

·         Kowalski, K., S. Stagl, I. Omann, R. Madlener - Decision-making for sustainable energy futures – methodological challenges in combining scenarios and participatory multi-criteria analysis

F2C – TIMES models [Chair: J.Ph. Waaub]

·         Biberacher, M. - Connection of TIMES models with GIS

·         Vaillancourt, K., J.Ph. Waaub, R. Loulou, M. Labriet - The role of nuclear energy in long-term GHG stabilization scenarios: an analysis with the World-TIMES model

13h00 – 14h30              Lunch

14h30 – 16h30              Parallel sessions:

F3A – Load management and operational issues  [Chair: D. Henning]

·         Coslovich, L., R. Pesenti, W. Ukovich - A model to set price incentives for an electricity trader in order to shift his customers’ load

·         Henning, D. - Modelling and optimisation of Swedish electricity supply and conservation

·         Pires, D.F., C.H. Antunes, A.G. Martins - A genetic multiobjective approach to capacitor location in distribution networks

·         Gouveia, E.M., M. Matos - Detailed calculation of the fuzzy power flow

F3B – Optimization 2   [Chair: C. Sagastizábal]

·         Fulga, C. - Penalty approach for optimization in the energy sector

·         Sagastizábal, C., M. Solodov - An overview of recent bundle methods for constrained nonsmooth optimization

·         Patay, E., A. Ghaffari, M. Minoux, J. Perrin - Surrogate approximation for the cost evaluation of infrastructure development for hydrogen as an automotive fuel

·         Bartels, J.H., J. Zimmermann - Scheduling the dismantling of nuclear power plants

F3C – Hydroelectric systems  [Chair: A. P. Sant'Anna]

·         Iliadis, N., M. Pereira, S. Granville, L.A. Barroso - Benchmarking of financial indicators implemented in hydroelectric stochastic risk management models

·         Mariano,S., J. Catalão, V. Mendes, L. Ferreira - Analysis of the short-term profit-based behavior of a hydroelectric energy system using a nonlinear programming method

·         Sant'Anna, L., A.P. Sant'Anna – A probabilistic approach to evaluate the exploitation of the geographic situation of hydroelectric plants

  • Faria, E., L.A. Barroso, R. Kelman, S. Granville, M. Pereira, N. Iliadis - Allocation of firm-energy rights among hydro agents using cooperative game theory: an Aumann-Shapley approach

17h00               Visit to the Old University buildings and Sé Velha (Old Cathedral)