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15th Mini-EURO Conference

Managing Uncertainty in Decision Support Models

(MUDSM 2004)

Coimbra - Portugal                 22-24 September 2004


Scope and objectives



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Scope and objectives 

Mini EURO Conferences are specialized conferences allowing specialists of a particular promising OR theme of research to participate in a meeting where the screening of papers can be more effective and participation in the debates can be more lively than at larger meetings. 

The 15th Mini EURO Conference is aimed at providing an open forum in which researchers coming from different scientific disciplines and operational research areas can discuss and share their experience regarding methodological approaches to tackle, in an explicit manner, uncertainty and imprecision stemming from distinct sources, which have influence on obtaining robust conclusions in decision support models with application to several areas. Particular attention will be paid to multicriteria evaluation models in which distinct types of difficulties are associated with achieving robust conclusions: the intrinsic incomplete nature of models, the imprecision associated with input data, and the uncertainty associated with the analytical representation of the structure of preferences of the Human decision maker.

Contributions from decision theory, fuzzy sets, rough sets, risk analysis, stochastic programming, sensitivity analysis, robustness analysis, interval programming, inexact programming, etc. are expected both from methodological and application perspectives, thus paving the way for a cross-fertilization between distinct ways to incorporate uncertainty, imprecision and risk in decision support models.