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Intervention areas

Decision support, emphasizing the consideration of multiple criteria/objectives and the tackling of imprecision/uncertainty, including:

            • Methodologies and systems for supporting decision processes with multiple criteria
            • Efficiency evaluation of services and companies
            • Analysis and evaluation of investment projects
            • Analysis and evaluation of applications/proposals in bids
            • Multi-objective mathematical programming and planning
            • Network optimization problems
            • Systems for supporting group collaboration and negotiation processes

Teletraffic Engineering and telecommunication networks planning, including:

            • Routing methods in IP/MPLS networks and transport WDM networks
            • Broadcasting methods in MPLS networks
            • Reliability in telecommunication networks
            • Traffic modeling and simulation
            • Application of Operational Research techniques in the project of networks
            • Resilient routing/fault recovery in MPLS networks

Regional and urban planning, including:

            • Decision support based on geographical information systems
            • Vehicle routing and other network optimization problems
            • Location of infrastructures and equipments
            • Automatic extraction of objects from data obtained by laser scanning systems for the acquisition of 3D urban models

Rational use of energy and power systems planning, including:

            • Analysis of energy performance in buildings
            • Energy management in buildings
            • Demand-side management for energy
            • Electricity consumption models
            • Urban energy planning
            • Analysis of quality of service in electric networks
            • Electricity markets
            • Studies of energy-environment-economy interactions
            • Energy and sustainable development

Computational mechanics devoted to structural systems, including:

            • Structural non-linear analysis
            • Computational-numerical methods for large-scale systems (finite element methods and other approaches)
            • Safety evaluation of structural systems