6th Decision Deck Workshop




Coimbra - Portugal           14-15 April 2010



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25th Mini EURO



Wednesday, April 14 – Faculty of Economics (Room Keynes)

14h30-17h00:  Introduction and latest news

·         Overview of the Decision Deck initiative (Vincent Mousseau)

·         Robust ordinal regression for outranking approach and group decisions (Milosz Kadzinski)

·         The D4 platform (Raymond Bisdorff, Michel Zam, Gilles Dodinet)

·         XMCDA web services: latest news (Sébastien Bigaret and Patrick Meyer)

·         ACUTA as a new webservice : workflows and practical cases (Boris Leistedt)

17h30-18h30:  Meeting of the consortium


Thursday, April 15 – Department of Mathematics

Sessions integrated in the 25th Mini-EURO Conference "Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making" (URPDM 2010).

14h00-16h00: Parallel Sessions II

Decision Deck:  methodological contributions - Chair: Mousseau [Room 3]

·         Metchebon, Mousseau, Zheng - Computing Robust Assignments for the Electre Tri Optimistic Rule

·         Rocha, Dias - Multicriteria classification of workgroups with categories unknown a priori: a clustering-sorting approach

·         Metchebon, Pirlot - Comparing decisional maps

·         Pirlot, Schmitz, Meyer - An empirical comparison of the expressiveness of the additive value function and the Choquet integral models for representing rankings

16h30-18h00: Parallel Sessions III

Decision Deck: software developments - Chair: Tervonen [Room 3]

·         Bigaret, Meyer - diviz: an MCDA workflow design, execution and sharing tool

·         Cailloux - ELECTRE and PROMETHEE MCDA methods as reusable software components

·         Tervonen - JSMAA: an open source software for SMAA computations